Christmas Message

CHRISTMAS MESSAGE Without moral bindings, ethical bonds, social norms are vanishing.Humanity wants to live like unsocial creatures.Want to enjoy the life without accepting social responsibilities demand to legalize debauchery, marriage less pairs fatherless children now it is the moral duty of People of Book like, Jews, Christians, Muslims & all to let human know the heavenly commands of […]

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EID-UL-AZHA A FESTIVAL LEADING FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT The Great Messenger, Patriarch of Jews, Christians and Muslims Spiritual Father of these Generations Prophet Ibrahim, His devoutness, submission and sacrifices Mentioned in The Final Heavenly Testament, The Holy Qur’an In many verses, three are mentioned here. Chapter 2 verse 124: “…………. Almighty GOD said: O Ibrahim, I am going to make you leader […]

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